These cookies were made for the Cooking With Dru feature, broadcast on her show 11/03/2011

Ingredients (grams, unless otherwise stated):

118 Butter
118 Brown Sugar
59 White Sugar
51 Pudding Mix
3 tblsp milk
236 self-raising flour
236 flavouring (in this case I used Macadamia nuts and butterscotch chips)
1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp Baking powder

Makes about 12 cookies

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Recently, National Geographic researched and constructed the face of the average human: male, late 20s, ethnic Han Chinese.

While not as well researched (okay fine, not researched at all) and without fancy composite images, I have determined the average woman of the future: pale white, short black hair, leather fetish, probably practices tai chi and feng shui.

I know you’ve seen her before. She’s Trinity from the Matrix trilogy, Motoko from Ghost in the Shell, Quorra from Tron Legacy, the titular Aeon Flux, and Molly Millions from Neuromancer. There are others, of course, but these are the women that I am familiar with, and who came to mind without strenuous thought. It has become a conventional look, a symbol for techo-futurist female power wrapped up in the omnipresent male gaze.

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We’re just weeks away from the UK release of the Nintendo 3DS. If you haven’t already pre-ordered one you’re unlikely to get it on launch day as it’s reportedly had over 100,000 out of the 185,000 units allocated for the UK pre-ordered and that figure is likely to rise even further before its release.

Interestingly enough the IPad 2 comes out on the very same day. Maybe Apple wants to piss on Nintendo’s parade or it simply doesn’t see it as competition. Either way it might be worth waiting a few months more before getting the 3DS or IPad.

The 3DS like all consoles when they first come out doesn’t really have any must have stand out games just yet, but give it a year and like the DS before it will have a library of games that really show what it can do.

As for the IPad 2 it doesn’t seem like much of an improvement. It has a reportedly average quality camera and a duel core processor. Apparently it can produce amazing graphics, but so far there are no examples. Maybe in a few months Epic Games or ID can produce another game that shows what it can do. Maybe the IPad 3 will have that “retina display”.