New footage from Lionhead Studio’s cancelled Kinect game Milo And Kate has been released. The video shows a few hints as to what the game might have been.

“Emotion Capture” – Directing Milo from John Dower on Vimeo.

Peter Molyneux has a reputation for getting peoples expectations about a game set way too high (i.e. Fable), but this footage shows a game like no other. As far as I can make out the idea is to share in an adventure game experience with a character who is more like a friend rather than an avatar you control. You’d be able to talk to and guide the character like you’d guide someone in real life.

Apparently they took some of the ideas here and put them into the game Kinectimals. Looking after cute animals probably sounded like a better to Microsoft then a 10 year old boy simulator.

Right now Kinect doesn’t have really have any deep non party games and something like this could have really helped Microsoft pull further ahead and make me consider getting a Kinect.

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