Thanks to Roccat and Rustlers Gamersafe we’ve got loads of prizes to be won both by listeners at home and at the event. Competitions are as follows:

The Skivvi Run – This will take place after the Pub Quiz on Saturday night, with the first one back from running from Grandstand to Barkley in their undies winning a Roccat Kulo headset, and the runners up winning a Rustlers voucher a piece.

The Achievement Cards: Handed out by G3 Radio staff at the event, the goal is to tick at least 9 of the 12 achievements off to win some Rustlers vouchers.

Pimp my PC: Participants email with a photo of their PC and seat number (if at the event) or corroborating evidence if a listener, and the staff decide which is most deserving of the Roccat Mousmat.

Kill the Presenter: Event participants can use cut-out daggers, grenades or poison bottles to tag G3 Radio presenters when they’re sleeping or otherwise not paying attention. Write your name and seat number on the cut-out and the person with most ‘kills’ gets two Rustlers vouchers.

With the exception if the Skivvi run, all prizes will be awarded on Monday around 2pm.

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