Well folks,

We had a fantastic time at i42! We just wanted to say thank you to everyone for listening over the weekend and hope you enjoyed our coverage and thank you for your support!!! Don’t forget we will be back for i43 in August! Hopefully we’ll all have recovered from i42 by then!

Special thanks go to Multiplay! For having us, NOT kicking us out and letting us come back again for i43. A very big thank you to our sponsors, Roccat and Meroncourt for providing all the prizes!

That brings us nicely on to our competition winners! First of all, congratulations go to Zipp! Who won both the Pimp my PC competition and the G3 Song Parody. (Very well deserved after all the public humiliation he had to endure!)  He walks away with a Roccat Mousemat and Kova mouse!

And also well done to Treeman! For winning our Minecraft building competition! Walking away with an Arvo+ Keyboard!

Well done guys!!!!


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