Reviews are starting to flood in with Splash Damage’s team-based shooter Brink, however the scores have already been put into question by forum users on many sites due to the fact have refused to review the game since the only option to them was an apparent buggy 360 version of the game, due to the fact PSN is still down and being the core point of the game was the online multiplayer they felt is pointless to try and also they were (according to forums) refused the PC version due to leak fears – the full article can be found here

Not only that but Voodoo Extreme have also accused Joystiq’s reviewer of basing it’s review off little time played (of which the full article can be found here) the comment made can be found below

Uh oh, time for some drama boys and girls. I felt that Joystiq’s Brink review was fishy, it almost came off as if it was written by someone that had spent very little time with the game. I was also pretty sure that Griffin McElroy was one of the editors that I played in the media game with. So, I decided to do a little digging, and confirmed that I had played with him while he was under his Xbox Live gamertag called “The Pencil Rain”.

The kicker is Mr. McElroy has only earned a total Brink gamerscore value of 225, primarily from achievements that pretty much unlock themselves in the opening hour or two of play. I had over a couple hundred points just after the media playtest, and I’d imagine that’s where he left off too. Xbox Live says he was playing Brink just a couple hours ago, yet again the value is 225. In my picture of his gamerscore details below you’ll see that he hasn’t completed either campaign, let alone the “what if” missions.

This puts a pretty big black mark on Joystiq’s journalistic integrity in my eyes. If I had to guess the amount of time he spent playing it’d be a few hours at best, and from my point of view that’s extremely unprofessional. But great job on that 2/5 score Griffin, way to shaft Splash Damage and Bethesda by putting in an absolute minimal amount of effort into your review.

This isn’t the first time a review has come into question due to ‘time played’, but that is pretty damming to say the least.

4 thoughts on “Brink off the edge already?

  1. This game didn’t exactly look like it was going to anymore than just another standard Call of Duty / Homefront FPS anyway.

  2. Thats ashame, I’ll wait for a few more reviews to come out before I make up my mind. I was/am still holding out hope that it’s going to be as good as it looks!

  3. Actually Delta I’m still taking the reviews with a pitch of salt due to the fact many PC gamers that I’ve spoken to seem to like it, once more independent reviews come out over the weekend I’ll see if it’s worth it – the PC version is probably going to be better value anyway seeing as many places have it half the console price.

    It’s either this or Section 8, I could get both, but there is little time for both

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