Forum Reboot & Cleanup underway

As part of the continuing effort to bring you the best this site has to offer the forum has been updated and redone.

Part of this update you will now find this station’s shows now have their own forums, so instead of having to muddle around seeing what everyone is up to – you can now talk to the DJs directly within their own forum, discuss things and vote on new ideas and changes, as well as debate topics due to be discussed and be given feedback the following week with certain shows at a later date. This has been done to give everyone a seance of community outside of the show’s air time, the more you give us to discuss on the forums, the better content we can give you.

All this however has come at a price: As you may have been aware or not we have had some spam bot attacks on our forums this past month in an effort to control these attacks we have had to shut down forum registration for a time, also in an effort to clean up the mess, we have had to purge most inactive accounts from our forums with a zero post count, these have been accounts created before the 25th of March this year and accounts that have only been created and then not logged into after they have been created.

If you are unable to login to the forums and find your account missing, I am sorry those have been caught up in the clear out – However as of tonight (hopefully) the registration process will be up and running on an admin approval basis, so in an effort to control the bots we will be looking all new registrations, if you look advert like we wont activate the account, we will continue to monitor this for the time being and adjust accordingly.