As we draw closer to the imminent June 10th (June 14th for North America) release of the worlds most eagerly awaited game, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford releases yet another humourous announcement video confirming that Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold.


The announcement video (simaler in style to the previous release delay video) plays on viewers fear, on what has become the inevitable with the worlds most delayed game. Also confirmed in the announcement is that the demo will be available to play on June 3rd but only to First Access Club members, which requires that you own a copy of Gearbox’s hugely popular Borderlands.

It’s good to see Gearbox keep the public in the loop, especially with a project such as Duke Nukem Forever. Over the past 14 years the gaming community has become disillusioned with the previous developer 3D Realms and many questioned if it even existed. Gearbox however has seemed to make good time with the development of the title, since 2K Games announced they were developing it in September 2010.


If the game is indeed out on its intended release date, then this could be the hit of the summer. Lets just hope that Gearbox’s reputation for good quality games with a liberal sprinkling of humour shines through, as this is probably the most important game they are likely to produce in a long time.

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