Some of the DJs have been busy this weekend using their new brand spanking new Show forums.

The Monday Night Show team have been viewing entries for their T-Shirt design competition

Hagley and Wright need your feedback on what you want on their show

Mr Potz and Spannerash say ‘Hi’ and outline the basics of their own shows

Tigger outlines his show and wants you to give him more ideas

Dru still requires entries for her Plushy Comp by Friday

Kittycatjack’s entries are still up from his Advert Competition last week and still wants your ideas for his show.

Finally DJ Satal wants you to Dance?!

Remember the forums are the only place to directly talk to the DJs outside of their shows, give them feedback and ideas on the shows themselves and debate the topics that show brought up for that week – who knows your post could be featured on the following show and if the stars align you may get something nice for it – click the forum link above at the top of the site to join are growing community.

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