Titled ‘Unrated’ Funcom are switching to a hybrid F2P/Subscription model a kin to Turbine’s LOTRO and DDO it has been announced this week.

While alternate advancement points, veteran points, and offline levels and the majority of the Rise of the Godslayer expansion content are reserved for premium subscribers, Free to Play users gain free access to all of the outdoor play fields in the vanilla game, two free character slots, and access to non-premium dungeons as well as four character classes  which include Barbarian, Demonologist, Guardian, and Priest of Mitra.

A full list of free and premium services, as well as a F2P FAQ can be found on AoC’s EU forums.


One thought on “Age of Conan adds a Free to Play service in the Summer.

  1. I dont know, I’d like to say i’m looking forward to this. But if LOTRO is anything to go by, being a F2P player it just gets frustrating after a while.

    I know thats the point – to encourage you to pay for the game. But If im constantly frustrated by a lack of freedom and content – thats NOT going to encourage me to play it. For me, that has the opposite effect.

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