Mmkay, so, as you have likely seen, Minecraft 1.7 has just been released. Unfortunately, to guarantee the best experience for our users on our server, we must wait for Bukkit to be released too. Hopefully this will not take very long.

To get up-to-date details on this process, hop into our IRC channel by clicking the Chat button at the top.

Update 1: If you updated to 1.7 and want to go back to 1.6.6 to play on our server you can download it here

Update 2:Server updated! Feel free to update your client!

This morning we had wonderful news – Our Youtube limit got removed! *cheers and claps all around*

Also adding to our newly collective pile of video content is yet another series, Kalyino, one of our newest DJs is taking us into World of Warcraft with a newly created character under the series titled ‘The Adventures of Slish’, here is her first video

Also remember most of our videos can now be viewed in HD, check out the channel either by our media page or directly here

Well, when we formed G3 Radio we always wanted to have an open and fair community. One where the listeners views we’re always the most important and we were accountable to them. With this in mind, we formed the G3 Trust.

It’s more than just a publicity stunt or a way to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, it’s a REAL commitment to you, our community.

Whether you play on our game servers, listen to our radio shows, watch our youtube channel or just pop along during your lunch breaks to read the news on the front page.  You have a say in the stations direction and future.  If you ever want to see anything changed, have complaint and want to voice it anonymously or an idea for how we can improve something. YOU HAVE A VOICE.

Email: or speak with either Rachel or Musher in the IRC channel.

Well, It’s been a busy weekend!  We have some fantastic news to show for it. Four new presenters have joined G3 Radio over the last few days! We are very pleased to be able to welcome Sebbo & Zippy – who will be hosting a Gaming talk show on Thursday evenings 9 – 11 PM BST. Catface, will be presenting her brand new show on shows Sunday evenings 9 – 11 PM BST and last but not least – Kalyino! Who will be presenting her WOW themed show show Friday evenings, 7 – 9 PM BST.

Please join me in welcoming them to our little band of misfits and we hope you enjoy their shows! With more people applying to join g3 Radio then ever before our weekly lineup has never looked better. As with all new shows, you might expect a few technical hiccups as they settle in. But then what would G3 Radio be without some fail?

Welcome to G3 Radio guys, we’re pleased to have you!



For quite a while now we at G3 Radio have been toying with the idea of ‘community gaming’, we’ve set up Facebook pages, Steam groups, even set up a fairly successful Minecraft community and started our own MMO (kinda) – but now we are taking it a little bit further.

First may I introduce you to Dungeons & Dragons Online, otherwise known as DDO, it’s a hack and slash MMORPG with a hybrid subscription model, that is it can be played 99.9% free where you earn things via playing or be subscribed to with everything unlocked from the beginning – ‘What this has to do with G3 Radio?’ you may ask, simple, We are going to be providing you video and live content from the game, but there is a twist: Not only will it feature staff and DJs from G3 and possibly outside guests but also you the community members.

Yes thats right coming very soon is the first series of videos hosted by Kittycatjack giving his first impressions of the game from the character creation to the end of the tutorial, after that myself (Krem) and Blobbin will be tagging along a few dungeon runs fumbling our way though and me giving my ‘expert advise’ on the game and how it relates to the D&D tabletop itself (or at least trying to) , after that we will be setting up a G3 Radio guild with the game on the Kyber server in which members of the community are welcome to join and we will schedule recording of dungeon runs hosted by the members of staff at G3 and featuring members of the guild/community of G3 Radio.

To join us in this media project first download the DDO client, and join us on the Kyber server, then anything could actually happen 🙂

Stay tuned later on as the first video will be featured on the G3 Radio Youtube page, Facebook and of course here

Update: The first two videos have been uploaded watch the first right here!

Valve, (creators of Portal and Half-Life) have made their comedic shooter, Team Fortress 2 completely free to play as of today. That includes the purchase of the game also. This is fantastic news for those who could not afford to purchase the game previously or for those who have always wanted to play, but never got round to getting it. Of course the purchasing of hats and various other weapon upgrades will still cost, but everything else is completely free.

Article by cromazonic

After browsing through the internet today, I came across an article upon the Official AC/DC website. The announcement of an AC/DC Monopoly version was present and my heart almost exploded. I honestly can’t believe after all these years of making Monopoly that they have finally brought out a band based game, and with the perfect band too.

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So in case you didn’t know, Monsters Inc. 2 has been announced. The only details we have are that it will be called Monsters University and will not be a sequel as I had personally hoped. It is in-fact a prequel and tells the tale of how Mike and Sulley met. Sadly that is all I could find out about the movie, other than that i will be released in 2013 (finger’s crossed we survive 2012) and the likes of John Goodman (Sulley) and Steve Buscemi (Randal) will be returning to do their characters voices.

Article by cromazonic

Happy Birthday to Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, the speedy blue critter hit our consoles by storm and has been going strong for this long. With his first ever game being Sonic the Hedgehog and then later titles such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure and the more recent Sonic Generations which has just been released as a demo on PSN and XBLA today to celebrate his anniversary.

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