As part of our lead up to E3 Mr Potz went on air to talk about sequels.

Many sequels held the torch of it’s predecessor quite well and even improved, much like the example of Diablo and Diablo 2, which still holds it’s own with the players today, others like Gran Turismo 5 fell short of the mark and Golden Axe: Beast Rider were complete departures from the original series.

Potz puts forward the question: What do you guys think about sequels? Are there any that have underperformed, or performed better than you expected?

Feel free to post your comments in the comments section of this post, on our Facebook wall, or in Potz’s show forum, and the best bits of the debate will be covered in one of our shows at some point soon.

4 thoughts on “Lets talk Sequels!

  1. I feel that both ratchet and clank 2 and 3 upped the game substantially
    However, games like GT5 and Tekken6 were dissapointments 🙁

  2. I don’t think if Prey 2 will be anything like the original either I honestly thing it’s a name only sequel, much like the final fantasy series and we all know how that went

  3. @Potz I do think that Fighting games do run out of steam quite quickly these days as many play ‘catch up’ in the latest games to come out by giving the players everything they ‘expect’ a fighting game to have then just throw in a few new/old characters

  4. CoD is a definite example of bad sequels, there was never anything really compelling enough in the games to justify so many sequels, essentially they were leaning back on the title after scoring a good campaign experience in the fourth game and using that to push sales rather than coming up with a good story, or new revolutionary game play feature. be honest, they’re just churning the games out now, soon they’re overtake final fantasy

    whereas you have games like assassins creed in which the sequels are there with the soul intention of carrying on the story, which can give you a bit of butthurt forking out £40 for a game that you wanted because it looks good then paying another £200 over the next 5 years to find out how it ends (but hey you make money that way, imagine if harry potter was only 1 book, would Rowling be half as rich?), but with assassins creed they at least took the opportunity to improve the game once they started development on the sequel. so i really don’t mind this model when they care about a game enough to make improvement after improvement with every passing game.

    now the new Deus Ex i like the look of, i haven’t seen much in terms of gameplay, but by the looks of it they’re trying to push the features and sotry of the game forward in the trailers, instead of just going “DEUS EX, YEEEEEEAH BUY MEE!” so i have high hopes that they put some effort into it and will return the game to it’s former glory.

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