If you missed the announcement during the week we like to make new friends, and thanks to Krem, we’ve found some – may we introduce you to Blast Process!

‘Who are Blast Process?’ You may ask well they consist of a group of friends who specialize in video driven gaming content featuring interviews, unboxing videos and general gaming (plus a lot of written articles on the side), these people are Michael Davies, Tom Parry and David Jennings, David whom many of you may have already met in our IRC and forums under the name TeldurUK.

‘What will they bring to G3 Radio?’ Is probably your second question, this is a 2 way question, both G3 Radio and Blast Process will be working together on certain articles and featured content, also some other things are in store which we will spring on you when the time comes.

For now please welcome our new friends with open arms into our community.

2 thoughts on “Blast Process Joins G3 Radio

  1. Welcome Blast Process!

    I watched your Torpedo Run video, really cool!

    Sigh, now I really have to read the G3 site more often!

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