In case you didn’t realise the title was in reference to “Bird is the Word” which is also commonly associated with Family Guy. Yes, that’s correct, a Family Guy MMO is in the works, and no one seems to know anything about it. All we have so far is a website that can be found HERE and contains an animated Adam West snoring and muttering something in his sleep. There is also a ‘Register Now’ button which will allow access to the Closed Beta, but no date is given of the date of the Beta itself.

Fox has tried making games from its programs before, such as The Simpson’s Game, and there was even a console Family Guy game which didn’t do to well in terms of sales or ratings. Personally, I am sceptical to the idea of a Family Guy MMO and would have preferred something better like a Futurama MMO which has a bigger universe in which a game could delve into. This isn’t to say that the game will be though. Please check out the website if you wish to join in with the Closed Beta and get in on the action before anyone else.

Article by cromazonic