Well, EVE Incarna came out yesterday! So I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts with you. One gripe I do have is with the EVE installer insisting I install it to my C Drive! I spent the best part of …all last night trying to get the installer to play ball and install itself on another partition where my game folder was. In the end I needed to download it on a separate machine and copy the game across. Was a bit frustrating! Especially seeing as this was THE patch that I have been waiting for the over a year and renewed my subscription just so I could see for myself.

When I started playing EVE, I loved the game, it was fantastic. The combat, depth, everything that made it a totally unique game. But in the back of my mind, I always felt like there was something missing. I always felt like I was playing a spaceship. Your avitar was nothing ever more than a passport photo. It felt…. detached.

The EVE universe is one of the most detailed, complicated and fantastic lores I have yet experienced in any game. I always dreamt “wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could all walk around stations, visit planets and meet your friends in bars etc” Play as a person, and not a little camera floating around a ship.

Well, Incarna is the first of several patches that allow players in EVE to actually play as their character. It’s only the first step, but gives us a feelglimpse of what the game will eventually be like. The area you can walk around in is the captains quarters. (when you first dock in a space station) The atmosphere is dark, lit buy computer screens and in the distance, you can see your ship. Looming over you. You can for the first time, actually see the SCALE of the ships you command. It’s awe inspiring. Before hand, you never really got a feel for their size, they felt like toys.

A frigate – One of the smallest type’s of ship you can get in EVE

I spent 15 minutes this morning just looking at my Drake in the hanger. Seeing all the little ships buzzing around it.

There’s not much to do in the capatians quarters yet, there are screens that allow you to interact with aspects of the game, the market, your ships fittings, your corporation etc. The main door that leads to the rest of the station is still for the moment, sealed off.

I cant wait for the day I can walk though it.

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  1. Eve has always looked awesome. I might get DUST 514 for ps3 and then you can send me to war haha 😀

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