Have You Just Been Thunderstruck?

After browsing through the internet today, I came across an article upon the Official AC/DC website. The announcement of an AC/DC Monopoly version was present and my heart almost exploded. I honestly can’t believe after all these years of making Monopoly that they have finally brought out a band based game, and with the perfect band too.

The game will include a number of pieces (much like the original game) which will all be AC/DC related. Although that this is obvious, the pieces however are not. There will be a number of 6 pieces, which will all related to an AC/DC song. The 6 pieces are as followed:

  • Cannon (For those about to rock)
  • Bundle of Dynamite (T.N.T.)
  • Bell on Fire (Hells Bells)
  • Lightning Bolt (Thunderstruck)
  • Angus’s School Boy Hat (School Days)
  • Stacks of Cash (Money Talks)

If you are wondering the objective of the game, such as what properties will be available, then your about to find out. The game will consist of buying, selling and trading AC/DC albums and international locations. This gives players the opportunity to increase their album value by turning the album to either gold or platinum. This will create an entirely new aspect in the world of Monopoly.

Personally I think that this is a very clever idea, and will satisfy any Monopoly fan, as well as any AC/DC fan. I feel that this could be the start of something new in the world of Monopoly (even though they currently have over 100+ version (that was an estimate)) as many other bands may follow. So if there is a band that you worship an adore more than any other band, you might actually be in luck.

Article by Blobbin

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