G3 Radio invades DDO

For quite a while now we at G3 Radio have been toying with the idea of ‘community gaming’, we’ve set up Facebook pages, Steam groups, even set up a fairly successful Minecraft community and started our own MMO (kinda) – but now we are taking it a little bit further.

First may I introduce you to Dungeons & Dragons Online, otherwise known as DDO, it’s a hack and slash MMORPG with a hybrid subscription model, that is it can be played 99.9% free where you earn things via playing or be subscribed to with everything unlocked from the beginning – ‘What this has to do with G3 Radio?’ you may ask, simple, We are going to be providing you video and live content from the game, but there is a twist: Not only will it feature staff and DJs from G3 and possibly outside guests but also you the community members.

Yes thats right coming very soon is the first series of videos hosted by Kittycatjack giving his first impressions of the game from the character creation to the end of the tutorial, after that myself (Krem) and Blobbin will be tagging along a few dungeon runs fumbling our way though and me giving my ‘expert advise’ on the game and how it relates to the D&D tabletop itself (or at least trying to) , after that we will be setting up a G3 Radio guild with the game on the Kyber server in which members of the community are welcome to join and we will schedule recording of dungeon runs hosted by the members of staff at G3 and featuring members of the guild/community of G3 Radio.

To join us in this media project first download the DDO client, and join us on the Kyber server, then anything could actually happen 🙂

Stay tuned later on as the first video will be featured on the G3 Radio Youtube page, Facebook and of course here

Update: The first two videos have been uploaded watch the first right here!