SW:TOR Force Chokes Your Wallet

Update: The standard digital copy on Origin ALSO requires the £5 deposit!

Second day of being back on the job, second company to think we will buy anything at any price just because it’s a ‘known brand’, today’s subject is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Browsing Rock, Paper, Shotgun this morning I almost fell out of my chair reading this: EA’s Origin service is charging £45 for the STANDARD digital copy of SW:TOR, now anyone with their MMORPG boxes prices heads on that is a full £10 above even what World of Warcraft has as the ‘normal’ price for any box set, and even that to me is still asking slightly too much.

That isn’t the half of it though, the ‘Digital Deluxe’ version (the one that you normally expect a free mount/pet with with MMOs these days) is a mind blowing £60 with a requirement of a £5 deposit (with no sign of a discount to the full price), remember that is a DIGITAL COPY there! GAME seem to have placed the normal boxed version at £40, which has just the game itself, Play.com and Amazon haven’t listed it yet…

Here is basically the clincher the Collectors Edition Game £130 and Amazon US $150 (£93), there had better be Droids in those boxes, as again going back to the yardstick that is WoW £60-£70 was the ‘norm’ for Cata, Wrath, and TBC’s wasn’t it? This is almost double!

This is a massive gamble and basically IMO cheeky move by EA to ‘expect’ players to flock to Star Wars ‘just because it is’ at that price point considering they aim to dethrone Blizzard as the top MMO, are they really just going for the box sales and not a long term plan? Doesn’t really inspire confidence in their product’s life if it is, and with the entry point to other subscription MMOs like Rift, EVE and WoW between £10-£20 it’s going to be hard for them to get past the ‘hardcore’ fans into the mass market, this is not the best way to do things EA.

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