The G3 Minecraft server now supports SpoutCraft. This enables more communication between client and server programs.

SpoutCraft logo
How to use:
1) Download the Spoutcraft Launcher – SpoutCraft
2) Put it on your desktop or wherever you choose.
3) Double click
4) ???

With this you can use
– MyWolf
– Backpack
– Custom cloaks
– Burn cd’s
– Highlight your name
– See/have a custom cape

As well as all the shows planned over the i43 weekend, we have a number of competitions organized for people both attending the event and not attending.

Our main competition for the event is going to be our Ladies Night on the Saturday evening, happening between the Pub Quiz and the Boat Race, involving men dressing as women to compete in a fashion show for a selection of Roccat prizes.

We also have Blobbin running a competition on our Minecraft server with people finding a secret code in a maze, again winning a selection of prizes.

During Mr Potz’s show at 2pm Sunday we also have a variation of Where’s Wally running at the site, sending one of our DJs, AdzyKayy, out with a collection of Roccat gear, the first 3 people to find him winning prizes.

There is also another competition running at the site with a number of posters dotted around the halls, with anyone who can return one to us at the Press Box winning yet more Roccat gear.

That, as well as the chance of a Team Fortress 2 competition in the works, we have quite a packed schedule for the weekend. Be sure to tune in throughout the event to find out more, as well as get updates on events from Telford.

Remember what we got up to at i42? No?

Expect more hijinks this time around!

Want to join in on the madness? tune in at 7pm tonight for our opening show, and join our Facebook page and see if you can’t ninja picture our staff in action while you are there and show us your results by uploading it to our page.

‘Game Addiction’ as the media puts it is something that some of us have or are still dealing with at some points in our gaming life not matter how big or small it was. It’s something the media likes to wave in our faces as ‘the evils’ of the industry, but it’s something some people, like myself, have been through, and even though it’s not as ‘endangering’ to our world as the media puts it, it still can change lives drastically.

Extra Credits who recently moved to their new YouTube channel goes to dispel the myths of the subject, how we should deal with matter properly, and rounding it all off with a very personal account from James about how it affected his life.

Please take some time to watch these videos, and most of all support these guys as their work helps understand our industry better.

The other two parts can be found past this link
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For those of you going or AT i43 this weekend, you get your grubby little mitts on Battlefield 3 for the first time in the UK (no I’m not bitter about it really, honest….)

We’ll be covering it at some point so either look here, tune in and listen or go to our YouTube page

Has Sony been taking notes off the Blast Process guys with goofy unboxing videos? (don’t hurt me!)

Well here is Nolan North (Drake himself) unwrapping a very nice indeed box of Uncharted 3’s Collector’s Edition


Finally, after just under 48 hours of developing Notch has finished creating his little project. After live streaming the whole event (which I did all I could to watch as much as possible) he finally released his game for public use. I for one are very excited about this, and it really does show what talent Notch has baring in mind that he coded every ounce of it from scratch.

Have a play here at: and enjoy this piece of magic

G3 Radio will be covering the Britain’s largest LAN gaming event known as Insomnia 43, or I43 for short. We’ll be running competitions, covering e-sports, interviewing various gaming celebrities and more through out the weekend. Join us for live coverage starting from 7:00pm (GMT +1)

I43 Weekend ROUGH broadcasting schedule:

August 26th – 29th

10:00 – 12:00 PM
12:00 – 2:00 PM
2:00 – 4:00 PM
4:00 – 7:00 PM
7:00 – 10:00 PM
Friday – 26th
I43 opening Show
Saturday -27th
I43 Breakfast Show
Early Afternoon With AdzyKayy
Mid-afternoon with Mr Potz
Early evening show with Daniel
I43 Evening Show
Sunday – 28th
I43 Breakfast Show
Mid-afternoon with Blobbin
Early evening show with Mr Potz
I43 Evening Show
Monday -29th
I43 Closing Show
Possible Monday Show?