Counter-Strike Returns

Say ‘Hello’ Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

11 years on from Counter-strike’s official retail release has Valve re-visiting it’s multiplayer FPS. A lot has changed since the year 2000, with shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield battling for position.

Can CS make a mark in today’s market? Simply put…yes. A legend amongst gamers as one of the best team based multiplayer games ever seen on the PC, the name alone will cause a number of fans to smile once more.

Worth noting that an Xbox 360 and PS3 release is also scheduled along with the PC version (Steam, of course). No exact date, just Early 2012 so far penned.

More information on new features can be found at the Eurogamer announcement here. Worth mentioning that its been confirmed to be on show at the Eurogamer Expo (20th-24th September).