Mibbit Hacked, please update your passwords

This morning our IRC hosts GeekShed brought to our attention that the java applet they use Mibbit had it’s data servers recently hacked.

According to the statement due to the nature of the applet’s connection to the GeekShed servers, Mibbit logs all private message data, which could include all messages sent to GeekShed’s service (ie nickserv, chanserv, etc), in GeekShed’s statement they believe this data has been taken, however we believe this only affects people that have used Mibbit to login to our IRC channels and send private messages no other clients should be effected

GeekShed and we advise you to update your passwords if you think you have used Mibbit at any point by typing the following once you have logged into the IRC

/NS SET PASSWORD yournewpasshere

For now we have reverted back to our old chat applet, and we at G3 Radio are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

For GeekShed’s official statement please go here, we will try and keep you all updated in the situation