Game to sell Digital PS3 Content

We recently received news that retailer Game is to begin selling PS3 titles in a digital format. When you buy the product you will receive a 12-digit code either on your receipt, via email or via SMS message, which is the redeemable via the online PlayStation Store. Game signed the deal with Sony Europe to begin these sales from today, including downloadable games, add-ons and PS Plus subscriptions.

A cluster of 42 Game and Gamestation shops will begin selling this content from today and by mid-September all 620 UK stores will offer the full range of over 50 games. To begin with the games will be limited to Sony’s first party output, meaning games such as MAG, the God of War Collection and WipEout Fury. Available add ones mentioned are Killzone’s Steel Rainmap pack and the Uncharted 2 Siege expansion pack. In time the selection will offer third party games as well.

In terms of price, it will vary per title. Every product will be individually displayed and marketed with a specific price point. For example, the God of War collection will cost £24.99 whereas the Killzone 2 Steel Rain pack will cost only £3.99.

3 thoughts on “Game to sell Digital PS3 Content

  1. This works out well for both parties.

    With the resent PSN hacking still looming over the public eye Sony really needed to find a different outlet to sell the PSN content without people needing to input card details over PSN itself, I know there is the PSN top up cards but they aren’t always around and never always the amount you want to buy.

    Gamers still feel it’s safer to hand over money to a retailer, even though digital distribution is now pretty much the ‘norm’ for PC gamers it’s still new to general console users, even with and Amazon purchases being made the same way, with gaming it just feels ‘wrong’ to them for some reason.

    Game wins out with this deal as digital distribution is slowly killing the reason to have stores, at some point there will be no disks to sell and seeing as Game/Gamestation, Gamestop and other realtors live and die by used game sales for some reason it’s pushing publishers further into digital purely because there is no resale in those games – Selling codes is a way to keep going just that little bit longer for places like Game as now even they realize that is the way the medium is going.

    Even though the stores themselves will be replaced with websites that will do the job cheaper and easier in the end (or the publishers just skip the middle man all together) at least this way it’s a good bridge for the general gamer to get used to digital distribution.

  2. As you say Krem eventually disks will be a thing of the past, the only way physical stores will remain competitive and up to date is to eventually concentrate on this kind of transaction.

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