DotA 2 Trailer Released – What does a hero need?

Well apparently according to Valve not alot. The new trailer for Defense of the Ancients (also more popularly known as DotA) has been released and sees warriors fighting left and right. The trailer centers around what one can only assume is some sort of trader talking the viewer through some of the gear he provides. The action then cuts to numerous fight scenes before having a rather disappointing and downplayed ending which lacks that trademark Valve humour.

Unfortunately as is the case with most of these trailers the hero’s featured within are awesome killing machines that destroy everything with one well placed blow. However the reality of DotA should have the warriors spend 20 seconds slashing away at numerous creeps before a 13 year old kid with a chip on his shoulder smite them to death.

For those who want the 1080P version of the trailer in all it’s HD goodness it can be downloaded through Steam (obviously) here: