Battle of the biggest?

After browsing through Notch’s Tumblr from day to day, I managed to come across a post that he put up about the whole lawsuit between Mojang and Bethesda. Of course it’s not going to be a nice situation for Notch, so to make things a bit more cheery, the Minecraft creator has decided to challenge Bethesda to a battle of the ages, in which the 3 best warriors of Mojang compete against the 3 best warriors of Besthesda. The battle? – That’s right, they’re playing Quake 3.

Notch has told the company that they will each select a map in which the team with the highest frags at the end of a timed round will be the winner. If Mojang wins, then they want the lawsuit to be dropped. If Bethesda are lucky enough to win, Mojang will happily change the name of the game to something that they will be more comfortable with.

Whoever said that the law was boring?

P.S. – He’s serious