SW:ToR and GW2 gameplay videos: FIGHT!

Two MMORPGs – Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2, two live game play videos from Gamescom.

I’ll just let the videos do the taking I do highly recommend you view these in the highest rate you can



Who comes out on top? Which is better? Which will you be playing? Will you be getting both? Comment, debate, even troll (not really) the comments, we want to know what you think.


3 thoughts on “SW:ToR and GW2 gameplay videos: FIGHT!

  1. I’ll be starting this off it seems.

    Guild Wars, plain and simple wins this battle, Starwars? Looks ‘OK’ TBH but it’s not as ‘ground breaking’ game play wise as they tout the ‘fully voice acted’ part, yea it may have the best storytelling method ever but the way they present the game itself it’s just ‘meh’ I mean a small turret fight followed by a failed boss battle with a handful of people? Even the setting didn’t sell itself well it’s very bland and boring and we’ve seen Starwars pull off a lot better in the movies and Bioware have done a HECK of a lot better Scifi wise with Mass Effect.

    Arena Net on the other hand… THIS is how you show your game, 30-40 people did he say, and that boss is A SMALLER ONE? Graphically it just looks way better technically and aesthetically it’s just lush and ‘alive’ even the zombie horde looks ‘alive’ ironically, the whole fight looks a lot more involved then what ToR’s ‘tank and spank’ did (heck the turrets and the droids could have been part of that better boss better).

    I just hope that ToR is just far deeper then that combat wise because lets be honest – that has been and done a million times over and people don’t want that anymore, even Rift despite nailing near everything right fell off players interest quickly because people are bored.

    To me Guild Wars 2 may not be the ‘prefect’ MMORPG but like Rift as least it’s breaking away from the ‘closed world’ MMORPGs that have dominated the industry over the past 6 years, plus I really DO want to see those ‘other bosses’

  2. Guild wars 2. ToR doesn’t seem interesting enough to capture my imagination. It’s seems too scripted and liniar.

  3. i think ToR will come out on top, but GW2 will be the better game.

    Star wars wins just because its star wars, its like freaking nerd catnip,
    but GW2 looks amazing so far, i was skeptical with the way they keep saying they were making it totally unique and redefining the MMO genre, getting rid of questing and the “holy trinity”, all i could think was that they could so easily screw it all up, but so far it has all come together seamlessly.

    i can’t honestly believe its real, to me MMO has alway been a genre set in stone, you couldn’t really change anything drastically enough to be interesting while not pissing off the populace and wrecking the game, i thought it would be a slow and painful process to get to the ultimate form of MMOs, i thought hack and slash was the style of the future. this game BLOWS MY MIND!

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