‘Game Addiction’ as the media puts it is something that some of us have or are still dealing with at some points in our gaming life not matter how big or small it was. It’s something the media likes to wave in our faces as ‘the evils’ of the industry, but it’s something some people, like myself, have been through, and even though it’s not as ‘endangering’ to our world as the media puts it, it still can change lives drastically.

Extra Credits who recently moved to their new YouTube channel goes to dispel the myths of the subject, how we should deal with matter properly, and rounding it all off with a very personal account from James about how it affected his life.

Please take some time to watch these videos, and most of all support these guys as their work helps understand our industry better.

The other two parts can be found past this link

One thought on “Extra Credits on Game Addiction

  1. I have only watched part one but I agree with this 100%, and having a kid of my own I wont force her to go outside or try to take games away from her. As a gammer myself I would love nothing more than to join her in games as well as join her outside if she so wishes. Great video 😀

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