I realize it’s a touch late, but I’d like to say thank you to everyone who entered our various competitions at Insomnia 43, and congratulations to:

  • Pig Stew who won a Roccat Pyra mouse with Blobbins Minecraft maze competition.
  • Zitgol who won a Roccat Pyra mouse and Sota mouse mat in Mr potz’s creative competition.
  • Osku who won an Roccat Apuri USB hub in Kalyino’s pre-i43 competition.
  • And finally Blobbin and Catface who won a Roccat Apuri USB  hub and Minecraft gift account respectivly during the post-i43 Minecaft treasure hunt.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, and especially to our sponsors Roccat for giving us these wonderful prizes to pass on to you guys. Remember you can buy any of the products we gave away at i43 from Roccat or from any good online retailer.

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