Magicka gets all Gamer-ry

Not only today is the final day of Steam’s Paradox Interactive’s Sale, but today only you can get 75% off Magicka’s (almost) complete bundle right now if you haven’t already got the game, why am I telling you this you already have the game, right?

Not only that but today is yet another release of ‘gamer’ themed robes in Magicka’s Gamer Bundle pack, which features a Zombie, Tentacle and Epic Robes, nodding to Half Life, Day of the Tentacle and MMORPG gaming BUT that is not the only thing, for free you get a Tron themed Robe with laser disk and I kid you not a Space Marine Robe (Librarian to be more clear) that towers over all complete with a Bolter Gun which sets fire to anything in it’s path – Fatal is ‘squeee’ing as we speak