Sony reveals Video Unlimited Service for Playstation 3

Sony unveils the new and intuitive ‘Video Unlimited’ service for its PlayStation 3 gaming console, which offers a unique ‘sort’ feature to help users easily access video content.

With the release of the PSP came the XMB interface which with its simplistic navigation style and attractiveness was most likely the main reason it was kept for the PS3, but after navigating through a heirachy of sub menu after sub menu it can all become a bit of a textual blur.

Sonys long needed interface update offers a more accessible approach to choosing content available to the user through organised menus similar to that of the xbox live marketplace, the new update also introduces a streamlined search function and content suggestions based on the current items tagged themes, an added feature includes a history function where by pressing start shows you a path of how you got to your current page and allows you to easily backtrack your steps.

Playstation Plus subscribers can get an early preview application of the new interface,
See the Playstation Blog for more info.