Silverfuge does Table Top Gaming

Starting this week Silverfuge will be starting a weekly article run as a spin-off of his and Raksha’s show (every other Sunday at 3pm GMT, keep an eye out on the site for the live show), the following is the first week/preview of what to expect – if you have any questions to ask Silverfuge leave something in the comments below, click below for the article.

Ok so this will hopefully be a new Weekly instalment done by Silverfuge with a severe injection of humour from Raksha (be warned this may cause offence, not that we state that we care). I think as we have just started Buffy the vampire slayer that it may be a perfect place to start, this is usually done in two groups one consisting of Raksha, Ginge, Farseer Tyross and silverfuge (GM), we have just been joined by two new players Typhus and tucker.  The female group consists of Silverfuge (GM), hoppy, podgy and fallen angel. Before I mention the game I feel we must mention something about our groups and the dynamics of them. Raksha and Ginge are the group clowns; Farseer is the group rules lawyer and me desperately trying to get us to start/ end on time “2oclock finishes are not good for a relationship, even on a Thursday with her group). The group as always been quite jovial but we are trying (stress trying) to become darker and more serious. The female group on the other hand has a lot of jokes but they tend to be at my expense but otherwise enjoy the darker aspects when not gipping at certain details of the game. We picked Buffy because of its dual nature of being both humorous and serious which allows us to hopefully have a game that enables to us to go from being funny to serious without having to change games plus it was sat in raksha’s living room. Having discussed with the players we decided set buffy in our home city of Bradford as this helps us to imagine the buildings better and gives a more homely feel to the proceedings.


Week one:

The male group started with the wonderful announcement that I was making them fail, good job I gave them some goodies and explained that this would be done to further the storyline. Their first mission was to pull birds to be willing feeders for the big bad vamp (this has funny all over it). When the first person asked if the “victim” had done with the drink and got a no he drank the drink and said “you are now, what you drinking?” I thought erm this is not what the script had in mind. Second one came along with “fancy a shag?” which got him a flat “I’m not that kind of girl” (don’t know if she was or wasn’t I forgot to write the character sheet). The third “had to find his way through a group of necrophiliac’s also known as archaeologists”- Raksha.  Having fumbled their way through a task more dangerous than an army of dragons (the opposite sex) they then returned to the lair to find a new and shiny slayer kicking in the door. Farseer was the first to go down with a blunt side of her axe. Ginge then dragged him to the side whilst Raksha lost his mind and attacked her in the process receiving two groin shots (told you he lost his mind).

Warning this next section contains idiots:

The female group started with the girls having a moral dilemma regarding some bullys to then find a headless corpse stuffed into a locker. The girls wanted to do a test to determine the cause of dead with fallen angel then asking to “review the head”. Having explained that headless corpses don’t actually have heads she then stated that she wanted to touch his legs (this started a whole period of ribbing from the rest of the group regarding necrophilia). The next scene started in a club with me trying to convince the girls the getting smashed was not a part of the game. They got into a fight with some vamps and realised that not having the slayer with them was a big no-no as after 6 turns they had just about managed to kill 1/3 vamps so I ended up inventing muffy the vampire slayer (nod to the adult film if anyone seen it) just to get to bed before 3. The girls plus Muffy then killed the rest and we decided to call it a day (yes it was 12 when we finished).

For the first week of buffy I think we didn’t do too bad, we had some problems regarding the combat mainly that the book sucks at explaining them and we had to get a very nice you tube video by game geeks. But the teething problems were mostly to do with players not turning up or even turning up on time when they said they would and trying to get a new female group to play a game when they had almost no experience of role play games.


I know this is small but this is just a catch up off what went on in the first week of playing a new system .