G3 Radio Community Gaming Incoming

I’m drawing up plans right now, good plans, not evil plans for once, shocking isn’t it?

What are these plans? Well we at G3 Radio have an idea, why don’t we game with you lot?

The basic idea is still bare bones ATM however if we called out a game for the month to play, with a day and time given to come onto our Ventrillo and spend a few hours gaming with staff and community members. Also a Fraps recording may be in play in which we upload the gaming night to our YouTube channel, and Froggy Points may be rewarded to our player of the week or something perhaps potatoes?

This thing doesn’t even have a name yet, but do you like the idea? Do tell us.

3 thoughts on “G3 Radio Community Gaming Incoming

  1. Nice wording there Teldur 😉

    I agree, it’d be a good way to try out new/ revisit good games as a community

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