Recent Staffing Changes

Recently, as you may have picked up on, there has been some hustle and bustle within the staff here at G3 Radio sadly with the following members of staff  are departing from the station:

  • Adzykayy
  • Blobbin
  • Satal
  • LessThanThree

Due to real life commitments and other internal matters they were unable to stay, we wish them all the best with their future endeavors and hope they enjoyed their time with G3-Radio, they will be missed by staff and community alike.

However the staff are happy to announce we have new presenters starting immediately:

  • Gajin-Rock with Area11 – Tuesday 7pm-9pm
  • ThePatEmpire – Thursday 4pm-7pm

Also, some staff have altered their roles, Namely:

  • Danielisacrab – New assistant manager, Still a presenter.
  • Catface – Site article writer.

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