Ternix and I were talking the other day about the appraisals and how the station was doing now we’d been around for over six months, and he asked me a very interesting question:

What is the end goal for the station?

I was surprised to find I didn’t have an answer for him, but having though about it, and talked to Lorcian, my pipe dream is for us to become a massive big deal, with a real studio and offices and paid staff. However, more realistically I think we won’t get much beyond having fun and maybe breaking even every quarter, maybe without having to rely on donations.

However this isn’t just a station, it’s a community with that community making us what we are and what we could be. Thus it’s only fair the community gets to help answer that question.

So: what would you like the station to become? What do you think the end goal should be? Either reply in the comments, or join in the discussion at the forums.

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