This is the second part to my fortnightly blog on our groups. Just for anyone who hasn’t read the first blog (please do) I run two groups one is entirely male and consists of Myself who serves as the ever humble Games Master, Ginge, and our own Farseer Tyross and Raksha. The second group consists of Podgy, Yuki and Fallen angel.

The first thing to mention is that the male group was joined by two new players Typhus and Tucker and following on from their forced fail I gave them a new story line with a view to finding a magical item called the horn of Ramhia. This was to be achieved by doing a favour for an information broker (anyone seen Mass effect) which involved retrieving some money from a middle man and although the money was required the middle man wasn’t. The group actually put a little bit of thought into a lot of things this week including the background of how Typhus and Tucker came to be part of the group (a werewolf and a pestilence demon), and how to achieve the mission they had been set. They decided to be quite stealthy (hard for the pestilence demon who we all joked about the smelly ninja) and Ginge got very fluky on the rolls for the stealth check. They got into the room with said middle man and proceeded to take out the flunky’s (which with Farseer’s fire spells and Raksha hiding was very hard indeed).

The girl group started with a phone call from Yuki’s cult (yes she has a cult) to tell them about a new group of lady vampires that had moved into Bradford and were setting up home. Armed with the address of the lair all three of them and two NPC (non-playing character s) arrived at the location. First suggestion of the night set the tone (can I throw a couch through the window?), having got through the door I gave them a description of the room they were in along with the dead body in the chair (this made fallen angel gip so my descriptions must be working to some degree) they wanted to do a psychic vision test and having passed saw the poor unfortunate being hypnotised into staying in the seat watching strike it lucky (I used to love that show) and the vampire heading downstairs. The group did the same and having used everything in their arsenal established (after me stopping with the hints and told them straight) that the door was attached to a shot gun. The nest question was “can we paper clip the door?” from podgy which was followed by a rather large round of abuse from everyone else. Podgy then followed this by wanting to “freeze the door” which having abused her again the group decided just to blast the door from a safe distance and slaughter all who dwell within. We found a table with a bowl of blood and this time it was Podgy’s turn to gip (she is pregnant) and having entered the final door met the boss. Yuki rolling two raises persuaded the big bad boss to skip town and never return. She did leave them some parting advice that whatever the big bad guy was that was killing everyone it scared the girls and their not easy scared. At this junction we decided to call it a night

This week was a week off new introductions both to players and conceptions. How these will work out time will only tell but until next time…

Happy Gaming.

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