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This is your travelling news man with the latest news updates as cheeckily borrowed from and the bbc.

Square Enix annouced plans for Final Fantasy 14 “Version 2.0” along with the implementation of subscription fees and they have also announced launch window for the PS3 version in late 2012- This information is from lodestone

Activision have also annouced that they will release a video game based The Amazing Spider-Man. The game will be developed by Beenox and are hoping to have it done in nine months time. – Source: IGN

Heres one for Raksha,Edios have annouced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC “The Missing Link” will bereleased in North America on 18th October so should follow soon over here.- Source twitter –  ediosMontreal.

Well I hope theres enough tasty bits in there to satisy your thirst for knowledge I will leave you with some sad news.

THQ’s Executive Vice President of Core Games, Danny Bilson, has annouced that there will probably not be a sequel to Warhammer 40,000: Spacemarine. But did leave off with a comment that there will be some co-op DLC and some other DLC to follow so not all bad.

This is Your friends travelling Newsman Silverfuge signing off.