Introducing Crash To Desktop

With the current drive towards providing premium radio content for G3 Radio, regular news has fallen to the side a bit – To fix this issue G3 Radio is outsourcing it’s web content, may we introduce you all to Crash To Desktop.

Crash to Desktop, run by Krem and Fatal with content provided by them and some members of the G3 Radio staff will continue to provide regular content such as news, previews, video content and event coverage from not only video gaming but table top gaming and the current tech.

Joined with our friends Blast Process, they will bring content from their sites directly to the G3 site, but be sure to check in from time to time for exclusives.

G3 Radio itself will continue on as normal to provide you with the best radio content as we can and we welcome Crash To Desktop as a friend to the site and joins us in the drive to entertain you.