I44 – Saturday – Schedule

This evening is going to be a VERY exciting night for G3 Radio!
Thanks to Fatal and his amazing PR skills, Total Biscuit will be popping down to speak to us!

As well as this, DJArcas, the main behind xbox360 game “FortressCraft” is going to be coming back again for a follow up interview from when we last spoke to him at i42.

Last but not least, CEΩ from the charity Ludus Magnus (ludusmagnas.org.uk) will also be coming in for a chat with the G3 crew!

As well as all this the crew shall be entertaining the i44 crowd on the main stage at the event later as well as rocking the air waves from 7pm onwards.

All interviews will be played live on air as well as available on the website, so stay tuned and listen in!