Wow, G3 Radio has survived it’s first year! It’s been tempestuous at times, but we’re so happy to be able to see the new year in. I’d like to thank all the staff and listeners who’ve stuck with us, supported us and given us money, and I just know that next year will be even better.

Over the holiday period we’ll have a slightly revised schedule, as I’m sure you can appreciate. We’ll mostly be business as usual until Saturday, but all bets are off then ’till Monday 2nd Jan 2012. We’re still hashing out the details of who’ll be around and who won’t, so keep an eye on the forums and IRC.

With that, all that’s left is for me thank you again, from the bottom of my boots, for sticking with us and to wish you all a very happy christmas and the best for the new year.

Merry Christmas from G3 Radio!

In the wonderful world (or space) of science this week it has been announced that a giant gas cloud has been caught in the pull of the black hole currently resident at the centre of our galaxy. Now, whilst it is indeeed true that light can’t escape the centre of a black hole, the same cannot be said for the inner cycle of it. This means it could provide scientists with a unique look at the workings of a black hole. The full article can be found at ->

In other news, the government appointed Committee on climate change has revealed its report which, apparently, smashes the myth that investing in Green fuel, like solar and wind power, will cost more with the annual increases than fossil fuels do currently.

With Motorola having just won in the German high court some might think the war between them and apple will close. But with the potential for them to force Apple to remove important wireless apps for its hardware it doesnt look likely to finsh any time soon. The other factor is that Google is at the moment reviewing a possible take over of Motorola and this would result in two companies which up until latley have tried very hard to avoid clashing with each other being at logger heads. Also having been sued by Motorola in germany one would be forgiven for thinking Apple are sick of courts however, they have been very active in sueing othr companies not least of them Samsung over perceived infringements of the intellectual properties.

This week sees two new shows to the G3 radio schedule; Ion and 47+2. Ion will be rolling out some live song mixing every other wednesday between 11 and midnight, while 47+2 will be playing out every saterday between 7 and 9.