Games Gazette

Having been given permission Iam going to post one the reviews from their magazine so we can all see. For anyone unfamilar with games gazette they have been reviewing games of all descriptions from card games to video games over 30yrs and the fact that they have allowed to use their material I must say is a great honour. Now hopefully once all technical aspects have been resolved Chris Baylis will be coming to do some writing for us here at G3. So as I said here is the review of the Dwarf king.
Published by Iello designed by Bruno Faidutti

The Dwarf king, at first glance, is a simple trick taking game, with three suit of thirteen cards, Dwarves, Goblins and Knights. Setting up the game you randomly add one of the fourteen speacial cards to make a deck of forty cardsamong the players(2-4) and then the first round can begin.

The player who is dealt the five of Knights gets to determine thescoring method for the round, he draws a tile from a deck of twenty, and chooses one of two ways of scoring, for example, +1 per trick won this round or -1 per trick won this round.

The player with the five of Goblins plays first, and other players each play a card, in turn following suit if possible. If you win the trick you are the dealer for the following round. The game is played over seven rounds, with the winner being the player with the higest score at the end of last round.

It is a quick, fun game in a little over thirty minutes. Great as an end to an evening, or whilst you are waiting for the last person in group to arrive.As trick taking games go, it is original enough to be fresh, and easy enough to be both a family/gamers game.

Review by Grant

Don’t forget you can find Games gazette either at or by buying their bi-monthly magazine in all good rpg speacialists.