Raksha asked: How do you undo a bra one handed?

With Skill, Finesse & Bravery.

The years of fighting evil terrors you cant even imagine, racing more expensive cars that you could ever afford & building structures that even gods would be proud of in games will help you in this difficult task…But only if you keep it as a secret.

Remember there are as many types of bra wearers as there are bras! You must choose your battles carefully if you wish to win.

The bra monster can be a difficult foe. You must use all your skill to master it. Do not panic, and be calm and you may have a chance to win. Do not, I repeat do not be too relaxed however; be swift but not rough in you actions, and whatever you do, don’t upset or ignore the wearer, because then you are in serious trouble and no god can help you then.

Be brave soldier, good luck.

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