The Gaijin-Rock Podcast – Season 02 Episode 03


In what is probably the worst episode of the Gaijin-Rock Show so far, Parv depresses everyone with really serious news, we talk about anime which is so bad it’s good, Kogie leaves early for some duck, and Sparkles* breaks the entire studio! Surely that’s reason enough to listen?! SURELY?!

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Rica Matsumoto – Mezase Pokémon Master
SKE48 – Okidoki
Unison Square Garden – Orion wo Nazoru
Egoist – My Dearest
D’espairs Ray – Trickster
Perfume – Spice
Harry Gregson-Williams – Metal Gear Solid 2: Main Theme
JAM2995 – Pokémon Red & Blue: Main Theme
Versailles – Zombie
Ikimono-Gakari – Aruite Ikou
Japan – Ghosts
Deluhi – Frontier
Mad Capsule Markets – (Pulse)
B-Type – Lavender Town
Deadman Wonder Band – Shiny Shiny (Feat. NIRGILIS)
Nakagawa Koutarou – GUNxSWORD Opening Theme (Feat. Ondekoza)
Tommy Heavenly6 – Monochrome Rainbow
Superpowerless – My Wolf Suit
The Pillows – My Girl (Document Version)
Jet Lag Gemini – Bittersweet

Intro: LMFAO vs Area 11 – Gaijin-Rock Party Anthem

Discussion: What anime have you watched which is so bad it’s good?