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GazelleGazelle asks:

What are your views on nose-picking-dinosaurs?

Ah, the age old question… This has troubled scientists since the dawn of time.

My personal view on the topic is that the dinosaurs died out because of frustration and the pain they had on their noses because of the giant boogers they had growing in their noses for 52 million years.
In every generation of dinosaurs this booger got a little bit bigger, and because the dinosaurs didnt have any hands they couldn’t pick it out.

Even T-Rex’s booger picking service didn’t help because of him having huge nails instead of fingers. So one day all the dinosaurs went to see Cthulhurus Rex, their leader, of whom they all worshipped.

But Cthulhurus Rex had a booger of his own in his nose, so he couldnt help. So all the dinosaurs in despair committed suicide with a Golden Desert Eagle gas-operated semi-automatic handgun that just happened to be in the bushes next to them.


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