The next in a series of interviews where we delve into the minds of our staff and bring back the answers to give you, our listeners, a better idea of what makes the station tick.

Who are you and what is your title?
Mark “the7th”son Polley, Presenter

What do you do at the station?
I present a weekly heavy metal radio show on Monday nights called Headbanging in the Bedroom. I share the hosting duties of the show with my good friend Helvett (Torstein Vage) and together we try and keep a steady flow of varied music and some banter in between the songs.

Where did your nick come from?
My nick is derived from the excellent Iron Maiden album – the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.
Not totally original I know, but Iron Maiden are the band that got me into heavy metal, and the nickname the7thson, has been my internet handle for years now – so it only felt right to take it with me into the world of G3!

Why does Danielisacrab always happen to fix everything?
He is good at it……aaaand No one else will

What do you hope for the future of the station?
Obviously I’d love to see the station reach a larger audience – I think with the amount of great original content and amazing shows, its criminal that we don’t already.
That being said, I think the station is in a great place currently, the freedom that is offered to the staff with regards to content is unparalleled – And I love being a part of it.”

Name one thing you would like to add or change about the station, if you had all the money and time?
If I had all the money and time and the know who, I think some more social media implementation might be handy… Although I’m not sure if what I am envisioning could actually exist…
Oh wait! ignore all that – the station should beat the record for the worlds longest live show! That would be sweet.

What was the last book you read?
The Wind through The Keyhole – a dark tower novel by Stephen King

How do you have your potatoes?
Mashed, Roast, Chips, Crisps, I think its unfair to have such a small selection of the best food item in the world.

What’s in your fridge right now?
A few cans of cheap Lidl beer, a small amount of milk, and left over chinese…and lemon juice for pancakes!
Wow I need to go shopping ¬_¬

Sum up what G3 Radio means to you in 5 words or less.
Freedom to Share our Awesomeness!

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