Admittedly I don’t use my EEEPC, aka Kaylee, as much as I maybe should, but that might have something to do do with the response it gets when ever I take it out. Not that I’m embarrassed or anything – the same reason it provokes this response is the same reason I like it – but hearing ‘Oh my god, what is that? It’s adorable!’ every time it comes out to play can get a little wearing.

When I bought it in 2007 at LUG Radio Live, in Wolverhampton, it came with Xandros Linux installed, and at the time, was one of the few devices to come shipped with a Linux distro. Since then I’ve had it running Ebuntu, Ubuntu Netbook, Crunch Bang and currently has Lubuntu running on it’s 20gb SSD. Admittedly it’s not the most powerful machine, with only 1gb of memory and an 900mHz Intel Celeron processor, but then generally you don’t need much power when you only intend to do a little bit of word processing, browsing the net and maybe playing mahjong.

Like I said, however, the very reason it provokes the above response is part of why I love it and find it so useful: it’s tiny. Compared to the average laptop, that has a screen size of around 15”, my Kalyee has a screen size of 9”. In it’s folded state, it’s 22cmx16.5cm, and 3cm at it’s highest point, and unfolded still only reaches the lofty highs of 18cm. It’s light too, just shy of a kilogram. It’s prefect for someone like me (aka, not very strong) to tote around at conventions, which is usually where it comes into it’s own. I’ve often heard it referred to as a ‘handbag’ netbook, and while I dislikes the connotations, I have to admit it’s accurate. I can carry it with me at conventions, and it’s easy to take a pause, open it up and type something quickly without killing my thumbs as I might on my mobile. It’s battery life isn’t amazing, but then I’ve been abusing it for 5 years. New, it could hold a constant charge for 3 hours, now I’m lucky to get 30 minutes out of it.

 All that said, it’s a brilliant little device, good at what it does and easy to handle. Even if it is considered ‘cute’.

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