UPDATE (09 Aug): Thanks to our lovely Danielisacrab, the server and all the plugins has now been updated. If you notice anything hinky let us know. We’ve also added a warp, ‘untouched’, to the middle of nowhere so you can mine and find the new Emerald Ore.

The new minecraft is out! Yay! It’s very exciting, and we know you’re all excited too. If your curious as to what’s changed, there is a comprehensive list here.

However, our server runs craftbukkit for all the extra shinies, and while the latest version of bukkit is also out, in order for us to give you the best experience on our server we’re going to need to take a few days to faff and make sure all our plugins are compatible etc.

Hopefully it’ll all be fixed by this weekend, but in the meantime we suggest you do not upgrade your client if you still want to access our server. We should have a back-dated copy up by this evening for those of you who have already, so stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

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