G3 @ i46


That’s right: It’s LAN time again!

We’re all super excited, and I know we’ll be having a blast, so join us and tune into our special shows right from the Insomnia 46 press box. There’ll be interviews with MPUK’s staff, Games Personnel and other attendees, stuff to be won and all the usual shenanigans! Plus, Classy Saturday is happening again, so we’re delighted to be brining you photos of the G3 staff and friends all in their finest togs.

We’ve got even more shows for you this time around, and plenty of exciting content to go with it. So when can you tune in? Shows will be running on:

Friday 1900-2100
Saturday 1000-1200
Saturday 1900-2100
Sunday 1000-1200
Sunday 1900-2100

Don’t forget, all times are in BST. If you’re prone to confusion like us, we recommend this handy-dandy tool.

Also, we’ll be calling the results of the Friday Night Show’s Zombie Picture competition on the Sunday Evening show, so don’t forget to have your entries in by then!

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