Schedule Changes

Remember we said that September/ October might be a difficult time with regards to schedule changes? Well, we think we’ve got them mostly sorted out now.

Starting this week, the 17th September, Mr_Potz will be moving to Wednesday at 1800h; Seb and Shipz will be moving to Monday at 1900h; Head-banging in the Bedroom is moving forward to 2100h, and Spannerash is also moving forward to 2000h.

If you’re at all confused by the changes check out the Schedule page, where there’s a nice handy-dandy calendar to make it more obvious who is doing their show when.

And just to throw another screw in the works, British Summer Time will be ending on Sunday28 October 2012. That means, if you’re not in England you might end up out of sync with us by -1 hour. Time zones are confusing beasties, but there are plenty of sites out there if you’re confused, and you can always catch one of us in IRC if you need a hand.

Hopefully that all makes sense, and once again, we’re sorry about the kerfuffle.