Hello everyone, this is Vince_Kupo. Just a little reminder that me and Mr Potz are switching slots this week. So I’ll be on Wednesday at 6 pm UK time (forgot the time zone lol) and at 1 pm EST. Please note however that my VGM show will still be on Sunday as usual.


As some of you know, my laptop died early last week. as a result, my broadcast rig is permenantly out of action. as my backup pc is struggling to do certain day to day tasks, i am hesitant to task it with running the show. As a result there will be no Mr-Potz Geekfest for a few weeks. HOWEVER: my birthday is this month and Spannerash, being the lovely man that he is has agreed to get me a replacement for my birthday. As a result, the Geekfest will be back after iseries weekend. Until then I will be doing some work to try and make the return of the geekfest as good as it can be. New sound bites, sweepers, song tags and more! so hold tight G3 Radio, I’m on my way. Potz, Out.