Tuesday the 29th at 2 pm est (7 gmt), I will interview Brandon Strader from Ocremix.org. It will be an hour long interview, the J-rock show will proceed as usual afterward. So consider tomorrow’s show a 3 hours special.

This casual game for the android market is made by CrazyBit. At it’s base, this game is a city sim, but with a slight twist. The citizens are survivors from a plane that has crash landed on a tropical island, but they didn’t all end up in the same place; your overall goal then, is to explore the archipelago you’ve landed on and find the other survivors. At the same time you must survive by forging for berries, battling nasties, trading with the locals and making items.

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Hello, Vince_kupo here. I’m happy to announce that I will be having a special guest on my next show!  His name is Brandon Strader, and-he’s a composer/ remixer of video game music on http://ocremix.org. However, due to time constrains I’ll be swapping my shows around, so he’ll appear- on next Tuesday’s show, 15th of January.

After months of agonising research, weeks of  toiling and a more than a few moments of hair-pulling, we can finally say (dum-dum-daaaa) the new website is up and ready for use! Yay!

Ahem. So New Year, new starts. We hope you like the new layout and find it easier to use than the old one. There are a few tweaks left to do, we know, but they are things that might have to wait till a certain crab has free time. In the mean time, if you find something glaringly broken, please drop us a line over here.

Image Courtesy of Sodahead