Since I’m a big fan of causal phone games, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on ones I’drecently played. Today, you’ll get a twofer due to their shortness.

Clouds and Sheep

This is a life-sim game created by HandyGames. It features, as on might expect, some sheep you need to tend for, using happy points, and clouds that can be manipulated to make things better on the sheep.

While it’s a cute and clever game, I’ve found but not really suited to a phone. The depth of field makes it difficult to accurately move things around on a small screen. I found myself getting very frustrated with the inability to grab the sheep and clouds at times. However the game-play is innovative, and intuitive; it’s very easy to see what one must do. It’s a good little game, but not as engaging as I think it might be on a bigger screen.

Overall rating: rating3 3/5 Dru Points


This is a simple pet-sim game, reminiscent of 90’s tamagochi, made by Zakeh. You have an amorphous blob to feed, play with and keep healthy. As you gain levels your Pou grows to an adult, and unlocks food, clothing and other items. It’s simple and cute, with useful notifications. There are mini games available to help you earn coins to buy your Pou items.

The game is very easy to pick up and put down again, and I find Pou’s needs are well balanced to make the game entertaining rather than annoying. It’s fun to while away the odd moment of two.

Overall rating:


4/5 Dru points.


(Heart rating icons thanks to PianoBrad)

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