This casual game for the android market is made by CrazyBit. At it’s base, this game is a city sim, but with a slight twist. The citizens are survivors from a plane that has crash landed on a tropical island, but they didn’t all end up in the same place; your overall goal then, is to explore the archipelago you’ve landed on and find the other survivors. At the same time you must survive by forging for berries, battling nasties, trading with the locals and making items.

Game play is based on resources and lead via quests. All your workers need food and water to perform their tasks and when you run out of either you’ll need to wait for more to become available before you can continue playing. When the game starts off, tasks are simple; you chop wood, mine rocks, cook food. But as it progresses you get given more complex quests to complete, such as building a boat to fish from, then a hut to either cook the fish or trade it off to the locals.

I’m finding this a cute little game. It’s engaging, engrossing, a good difficulty level for me and while easy to pick up or put down, also keeps you coming back.

There are a few niggles however – the English is poorly translated at points, and the loading screen has this odd habit of half loading, going into the game for a few seconds, enough to make you think it’s loaded, and then coming back to the loading screen and an advert. Also it seems to have trouble with my version of the market, whether this is specific to me or due to some other issue I don’t know. I like the fact you can zoom in and out, it’s very handy as sometimes the game feels like maybe it’s intended for a tablet, rather than a phone.

Over all, a very nice game with much to keep you coming back.

Overall rating: rating5 5/5 Dru Points

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